Sunday, January 4, 2009

First post of the Cheese Boys project!

Welcome to Cheese Boys!
This project is aimed to realize a powerful engine that can help Python developers to realize RPG games.
Cheese Boys is based on the powerful Pygame library. Pygame is obviously based on Python language itself.
Cheese Boys is a game engine, but also a videogame (an implementation of the engine usage). In future I'll talk often of Cheese Boys - the engine, and Cheese Boys - the game.
Cheese Boys has many related pages on the Web. This blog will help me to keep track of all Cheese Boys related activity, and talk with Cheese Boys "fans".
There I can also talk of other argument not so related to the project (but I think never complete off-topic!).

At the time I'm writing this post there is no difference from the engine and the game (they are released both together).
The available release of Cheese Boys is the 0.1.1. The 0.2.0 version is in progress.

Ok, stop with this. Lets only write down some useful links.
That's all! See you in next days!

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