Saturday, February 7, 2009

Finding the Path...

The projects is passing one its bad moment.

As I figured out the first real game level (will be called "The Last Bridge") very complex, I wanna reach this target. But drawing the level with a lot of enemies, allies and presentations is not enough!

In the first level the stealth mode will be very important, but the Hero must be able to hide behind objects.

So I developed the sigh feature (in a way that probably must be refactored later... how can I know if a vector is passing on a solid object? Mah!).

The game has a lot of problems now with the physical borders. Enemy and the hero itself often block the walk when touching a wall or something similar.

I need a pathfinder algorithm! Very popular is the A* (read it a-star) but I need to port it on a non-tile reality...

On the pygame mailing list something suggest a long discussion to read. I hope this help!