Sunday, March 29, 2009

Damn crates! Finally I will be able to move around you!

No, the project is not dead!

I worked on Cheese Boys a little in those weeks, but today I finally reached a great result! I used the pathfinding implementation (and the code) found on this great tutorial that open me a way to complete this important task.

The most important thing: Bendersky's code is done to be used as an indipenden module! Was quite simple for me to integrate this in my engine.

Today the first good news: even if no real sprite movement is done using the pathfinding result, I'm now able to see inside the computed_path GameCharacter's attribute... and it works! This list store the path for moving from A to B without collide with blocked cells... I added two creates Sprite to the game and the hero "know" a way to move around them!

...yes. I say cells. In the end I was forced to transform my non-tile game a little, giving a grid-like super-structure. This is not perfect, I know, but I need to reach some result and continue with the game implementation!


  1. Another super tutorial an reference on pathfinding! A must to be read!

  2. Glad to hear about the progress!


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