Friday, May 1, 2009

0.2.0 (or 0.1.999?) version!

Last night I finally released the 0.2.0 version on the pygame website. This is not the release I originally planned (no "The South Bridge" level for now, and now story line) but is an important release! The pathfinding module is ready (maybe a little buggy right now, but works)! So... you will play again the the same 2 levels of the last releases, but the game engine is more mature right now!

From this release, I added dependencies to other modules I released on Pypi... read the documentation in the pygame page.


  1. ok, here's a WinXP test with the current svn (26th may, v0.3)

    1. installed vanilla python 2.5.4

    2. svn checkout cheeseboys

    -> started -> error -> no pygame

    3. installed pygame 1.8.1
    -> started -> error-> no py2exe

    4. installed py2exe 0.6.9
    -> started -> compiled!

    5. started
    -> error -> no kezmenu

    6. installed setuptools-0.6c9.win32-py2.5.exe for easyinstall
    "C:\Python25\Scripts\easy_install KezMenu" (worked)

    7. same problem seen in kezmenu:
    "C:\Python25\Scripts\easy_install KTextSurfaceWriter" (worked)

    8. started
    game starts!

    Woohh! a small dependency hell :P
    I just hope there's an easier way to do this...

  2. Eheheheh... ok... but on a Windows system you can also download and run the binary package!

    Even if you wanna run the pure python source, you don't need py2exe.

    Thanks for testing... in facts the 0.2.0 version is buggy! Sometimes enemies simply seems blocked and don't follow or haunt the player.

    0.3.0 will fix this!


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