Saturday, August 29, 2009

Still the Cheese Boys project is not dead

This is my first "starvation" post, to comment how the game seems not grown in latest month...

Life, work and the summer moved me away from this project for month.

I'm really sure that this is not forever...
  • First of all I was planning to perform some operations on secondary libraries I implemented (and now required) like KTextSurfaceWriter.
    For some reason I'd like to release a new version of this software before continuing with CB.
  • Again, pygame 1.9 has been released. I'm not planning to move to it right now (my Kubuntu OS can't take anymore... I need to format my PC before).
But I must keep in mind what I always said: I need to keep things simple... If the release of KTextSurfaceWriter will became too long, simply I need to keep current version and continue developing the game as it is!

Boscolo has not been defeated yet!

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